vintage surfboardS


Wayne has been collecting boards for over 30 years and every board has its own story as to how he came across them.

"Sometimes the best gems come from the most unlikely of places, like the Michael Peterson that was picked up at an antique furniture auction. I was the only surfer in the room and the only bidder on the board… I couldn’t believe my luck.

As a long time manufacturer of new boards, customers often brought in their old clunkers as trade-ins. Although the value of these boards was not evident at the time… I’m so glad that I kept them in the back corner of the workshop. It’s amazing what 30 years can do to the value of a board.

For special boards, you sometimes just have to pay the bucks to get hold of a piece of history. My Lightning Bolt that was hand shaped by Gerry Lopez in 1974, is a special board that will only continue to increase in value and is not only a beautiful surfboard, but an investment for the future… not that I will likely ever sell it.

At the other extreme, some boards have come from the tip or roadside pick-ups… but I think these days are long gone as surfers realise the value and potential of old boards. The bargains are harder to come by and the hidden gems are usually uncovered by avid collectors very quickly. Don’t stop looking though… they are still out there."

Randy and Wingnut discuss Wayne's Lopez Bolt