An exhibition of vintage and modern surfboards 

Evolution of the Surfboard

The “Evolution of the Surfboard” exhibition brings together Wayne’s extensive collection of beautifully restored and original vintage surfboards. In addition, it showcases home surf movies from around Australia shot in the 1970’s, canvas prints of vintage surf photography, vintage skateboards and a variety of artefacts from Wayne’s 1975 shaping and glassing bays. 

The huge success of the initial exhibition in Albany, Western Australia has resulted in the opportunity to tour it further afield.

“Evolution of the Surfboard” is far more than a display of objects of tactile and visual beauty. It evokes images and memories that most Australians can relate to, and takes the visitor on a journey through the beginnings of surf culture in ancient Polynesia, through to how Australia developed its own surfing sub-culture from the 1950’s to the present day.

Surfers and non-surfers alike have been attracted to this exhibition to learn, reminisce, dream and look in awe at the beautifully restored pieces.

The exhibition is a bright, colourful, informative, energised and happy place to be. Not only does it bring generations of surfers together, but it introduces many non-surfers to the beauty, colour and design evolution of surfboards over the years. 

As Wayne says… “Surfing is good for the mind, body and soul. To be in tune with nature and the rhythm of the ocean makes surfing a way of life that once experienced and understood, defines our very being. The true essence of surfing is all about change, discovery and the magic feeling of riding waves.” 

“Evolution of the Surfboard” provides a window into the pure joy and magic that surfboards have brought to surfing over the years.

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Vintage Surf Photography

Albany Town Hall

Albany Town Hall - Virtual Tour

Esperance Cannery

Esperance Cannery - Closing Night