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Wayne Winchester takes enormous pride in all his work. Whether it's basic repairs or a full restoration, attention to detail is guaranteed.

The restoration of vintage surfboards can vary dramatically from board to board. The condition of the board generally defines the restoration process, and can vary from minor cosmetic work to a full strip and re-glass.

In all cases, restoration work must always be in keeping with the era of the board and use techniques that give a finished product reflecting the original board.

From a collector’s perspective, surfboards in original condition will always hold greater value. If damage cannot be repaired in a way that retains authenticity of the surfboard, it may simply be best not to do any work at all.

When undertaking restoration work for clients, there may also be specific requirements that guide the process. For example, the board may be for display purposes only and require a museum quality restoration, or simply as an everyday rider where a watertight seal and structural integrity is all that is required.

The client may also be constrained by budget, in which case a clear understanding of expectations and the finished result must be fully understood before any work is commenced.

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Wayne has restored a number of my surfboards for me, including a Bob McTavish ‘Bluebird’, McCoy ‘Lazer Zap’ and the Ian Cairns ‘Red Hot Stix’. There is no-one I trust more with resin and fibreglass.
— Scotty Ozolins
Master board repairer/restorer! Wayne not only has the fibreglass repair skills but the ability to assess the most appropriate way of repairing or restoring a board for continued use or as a valuable addition to a historic collection. He does this all with a great combination of technical skills, artistic ability and a massive amount of passion and experience. Many thanks Wayne for those special repairs.
— Kev Lucas
I met Wayne several years ago through a mutual friend who told me of his work . His attention to detail, authenticity and skill at bringing back to life parts of boards that I thought irreparable has seen me pass more than 20 boards through his workshop and never have I been disappointed with a result . Can’t speak highly enough of his work .
— Paul Upton
I had a couple of old boards knocking around and thought it would be great to bring them back to life.
Gave them to Wayne to restore and now one of them sits in my living room. Awesome workmanship and skill to bring them back.
— Saturation Surfaris, Margaret River
Wayne’s work strikes me as a labour of love by a guy who has a fine appreciation for the history and story of surfboard design and evolution, as well as a respect for the integrity of the original craftsmanship. His restorations reflect that. They are authentic, beautifully detailed, and breathe new life into these historic gems.
— Scott Bycroft


About Wayne

Wayne Winchester has been making, collecting and restoring surfboards since 1972. He is widely regarded as a master craftsman in vintage surfboard restoration and operates his current business on the south coast of Western Australia, between Albany and Denmark. This pristine and spectacularly beautiful location provides the perfect opportunity for Wayne to pursue his passion for surfing and the artistry of surfboards. 

The surfboard

From ancient Polynesian wooden boards through to the discovery of foam and fibreglass in the 1960’s, the psychedelic era of the 1970’s, the 3 fin revolution of the 1980’s and onto high tech performance boards of the 1990’s and the 21st century, surfboards have evolved dramatically over the decades.

Although materials, design, art and manufacturing techniques have changed over the decades, Wayne uses restoration methods that retain the authenticity of each surfboard, specific to its particular era.

Wayne believes the true essence of surfing is all about change, discovery and the magic feeling of riding waves. The surfboard is not only a magnificent piece of art and technology, it provides the vehicle for us to be one with the ocean and enjoy one of nature’s greatest pleasures.

Surfing is good for the mind, body and soul. To be in tune with your board and the rhythm of the ocean makes surfing a way of life that once experienced and understood, defines our very being.

Surfing is a simple pleasure… we ride waves because it makes us feel good… and the surfboard gives us flight.